March 14, 2017

Encore PullPro

Budget. Safety. Agility.

Encore Wire’s PullPro is designed to help you make your budget, your safety and your agility a top priority on any job site. The PullPro, weighing less than 30lbs, requires no additional tools and fits into any small storage space. What are some other benefits of the PullPro?

  • Durable Casing made to withstand nearly any drop
  • Seamless Wire Pull with or without the case
  • A Unique Coil Pattern that allows for Tangle-free and Memory-free pulling
  • Fit your PullPro’s together in various arrangements! Stack or angle your Pro’s for a steady pull

Stop in today to talk to your Keathley Patterson Salesperson about how we can help you cut your labor costs while increasing job site safety.

View the Spec Sheet Here!

See it below in action: